Alessandro Angelini

Sport Enthusiast | Optimistic | Family Oriented

Alessandro Angelini

Assistant Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2022

Known for his exceptional communication and leadership skills, Alessandro joined the Columbia Project Management Team in 2022. As an Assistant Project Manager, Alessandro has a comprehensive knowledge of the status of a project, and he helps develop solutions to ensure small issues never become big problems. He also assists in the implementation and monitoring of project schedules, as client satisfaction and meeting crucial project deadlines is vital to Alessandro. Working in the Science + Technology sector, he enjoys delivering unique spaces for clients who make meaningful advances in treatments and technology that enrich the lives of others.


Fluent in both Spanish and Italian, Alessandro appreciates experiencing other cultures. From travel to food, he likes to immerse himself in new experiences and explore different sites and tastes. A self-described foodie, Alessandro enjoys discovering new restaurants and he is eager to share his opinions and recommendations. Hands down for Alessandro his favorite go to dish will always be a comforting bowl of pasta.