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DonPaul Benzaquin, LEED AP

| Superintendent

DonPaul Benzaquin, LEED AP

“After 38 years in the construction industry, I look forward to reinventing my career at one of the premier construction companies in the northeast.”

Joined Columbia in 2017   

Joining Columbia in 2017 as a Superintendent, DonPaul brings over 35 years of experience in construction, as well as a vast knowledge-base of various project types to our team. DonPaul’s expertise is highly regarded in the industry, as he is known to be a true team player with a deep understanding of project infrastructure and base building planning and logistics. His day-to-day activities involve maximizing subcontractor’s efficiency, maintaining a safe workplace, and promoting cooperation in the field.  For DonPaul the most rewarding part of his project work is collaborating in a team environment to successfully complete a project.

This construction industry is the perfect fit for DonPaul as he can enjoy working with his hands to create artistic pieces. In his free time he enjoys woodworking and woodcarving. A nature enthusiast, he also enjoys many outdoor actives including, ice climbing, mountaineering, and practicing martial arts. Spending quality time with his family and English springer spaniel are very important to him and help him reenergize for his time in the field.

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