Erik Gronneberg

Outdoor Enthusiast | Inquisitive | Builder

"Columbia is committed to my own personal career development and wellbeing. They are supportive and willing to assist me in reaching my career goals."

Erik Gronneberg

Assistant Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2019

An important member of Columbia’s project management team, Erik works closely with his fellow project managers, as well as superintendents to help guide and direct our projects. A Graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Industrial and Interaction Design, Erik is well versed in planning and logistics and has a strong aptitude for adapting quickly to new and challenging situations. Known as a team player, Erik works well under tight deadlines and enjoys effecting positive outcomes on all of his projects. Erik is  a licensed drone operator and he expertly uses this technology as a tool to collect useful data for our project teams.

Erik is an avid adventurer who keeps very busy outside of the office with is favorite pastimes including, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, camping, mountain biking and kayaking. As a former project manager for an obstacle course racing company, Erik oversaw the designing and testing of all new obstacles. He hopes to use those skills to someday climb and snowboard down Mt. Katahtdin in Maine.