Marcia Carlson, LEED AP
“Columbia is a place where people work hard and play hard. It’s the perfect balance.”

Marcia Carlson, LEED AP

Senior Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2012   

An integral member of the Mainstream Project Management Team, Marcia holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as well as a MS in Engineering Management/Computer and Information Systems from Northeastern University. Marcia believes in an open book policy and in rolling up her sleeves to dive into the fine details of a job. Marcia truly enjoys circling the wagons and focusing a team on the challenge at hand to work together on the best solution. The majority of her career has been focused on construction projects on college campuses and she has completed projects at some of Massachusetts’ finest schools including,  Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Tufts University, to name a few. Her eye for detail and her exceptional communication skills are essential to her project successes.

Marcia is always looking to improve. Her favorite mantra is “never say never.” She recently took up playing ice hockey, and it isn’t surprising that the challenge of learning a new sport and having the chance to constantly advance her skills keeps her on the ice and makes her very happy.