Mike Ausevich, LEED AP
“At Columbia I get to work with like-minded, hardworking people who value the satisfaction of solving problems that benefit the project team.”

Mike Ausevich, LEED AP

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2015   

As a Project Manager in Columbia’s Interiors Division, Mike focuses on delivering a quality product as well as positive experience for all team members involved in each project he works on. He measures a project’s success by the cohesiveness of the project team, making sure that all those involved have their voices heard and are happy with the end result. Known for his even keel personality, Mike is a team player who brings a consistently positive and helpful presence to the office. He appreciates his role as part of a team that takes a construction project from an idea of the mind to a reality of the world, and values the holistic approach to construction management promoted at Columbia.

Mike enjoys spending time with his family outdoors at all levels of intensity, from black diamond snowboarding and organized sports to fishing, walks in the woods and sledding with the kids in the yard. A father of three, he is a true family man. It may surprise some to know that Mike owned a muscle car through his high school and college years, but gave it up right before buying a house (trading one thing that required constant investment and maintenance for another!) He brings his positive outlook to all aspects of life, living by the motto “challenges are opportunities in disguise.”