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Mike Chadwick

| Senior Project Manager

Mike Chadwick

"I first started working at Columbia in 1981. While their growth since then has been amazing, the personal experience has never changed. It is truly a great place to make a career."

Joined Columbia in 1998

Mike is an accomplished Senior Project Manager with an impressive 50 years of experience spanning many disciplines in the construction industry. Highly regarded for his professionalism and his ability to expedite and coordinate complex construction projects, Mike gets no greater satisfaction from his work than from being involved in a project from onset to completion. Tough but Fair, he is a detail oriented and thorough problem solver. He is a true team player with the depth of knowledge to systematically review the requirements of a project, organize people, select proper subcontractors, and relate to an owner’s needs. Over the course of his successful career, he has completed projects in the Healthcare, Academic, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Residential industries.

Mike’s mantra is “always moving forward” and he is looking forward to the day he has grandchildren as a part of his life to keep him busy and on the go. Born and raised in Amityville, NY, home of the infamous Amityville Horror House, Mike has always had an interest for all of the folklore surrounding the story.

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