Paul Murphy
"Twenty years at Columbia...that says it all."

Paul Murphy


Joined Columbia in 1997   

Paul has been a Superintendent with Columbia for over twenty of his thirty plus years in the industry. He  has a wide range of experience on construction projects including Medical, Laboratories, Cleanrooms and a variety of notable building projects such as a NetZero energy building. Paul, over the course of his career has taken over twenty projects from foundation through finish along with renovations of many existing and occupied facilities. He is keenly aware of what is important for a successful project and is known for his technical knowledge, leadership and dedication. A strong advocate of teamwork he is also known for client satisfaction by understanding and providing for the needs of the client. He concentrates on extensive planning for operations and follows through with predictable results and endeavors to motivate others for their mutual  success.

In his free time, Paul enjoys studying up on his French in hopes to someday master the language to use on his family trips to Europe. One of his favorite places to go is Vernet- les-Bain, a small village in southern France with natural hot springs.