Peter DiStefano
"Columbia is a challenging but rewarding company to be involved with. A mixture of great people working together to produce results with an extremely fair and loyal executive & management team that treats employees with respect and like family."

Peter DiStefano

Field Engineer, Materials Manager

Joined Columbia in 1997   

Since joining Columbia in 1997, Peter has become an integral member of the Columbia team. From supervising equipment, materials, and supplies, to scheduling vendors, trucking and deliveries, he assures the smooth operation of daily in house procedures as a Field Engineer and Materials Manager. A natural collaborator and easy-going people person, Peter prides himself on helping to streamline operations. Peter believes that the strong relationships he has built and the friendly atmosphere at Columbia have led to successes over the years and help him do his best work every day, a very important part of the job for Peter.

Before Peter’s Columbia career, he was a self- employed musician. When Peter is not on the field or in the office you can find him performing, recording, or enjoying his musical talents. For Peter his family is his biggest passion. From hockey, gymnastics, and cheering, Peter is constantly on the go with his kids. During the summer, Peter loves hosting cookouts and concerts. Extremely committed to health and fitness, he enjoys working out at the gym to stay fit and clear his mind. “Have a great day,” is one of Peter’s favorite mottos.