Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

  • Owner:
    Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Architect:
    ARC and Jacobs Engineering
  • Scope:
    115,000 SF Diagnostic Reagent Facility Expansion
  • Location:
    East Walpole, MA

For the past 30 years this organization has been a mainstay client for Columbia. The firm has executed Construction Management responsibilities on many projects on the East Walpole campus for the past eighteen years, recently overseeing a $77 million Reagent Manufacturing Facility Addition project for Siemens Healthcare containing complex building areas such as manufacturing facilities, isolated production areas, and clean rooms.  

Other significant projects on campus included a $22 million production facility; a multi-million dollar NAD expansion; a 10,000 sf wet chemestry lab addition; a 90,000 sf R&D addition with BSL3 labs; the construction of a Paramagnetic Particles Building for with Class I, Division I space; the construction of a and a Centaur cooler; and a number of renovation projects to office areas and support space.