The Extranet provides added value to Columbia's core construction services.

In continuous development over the last decade, and ideally suited to the unique requirements inherent in the construction industry, Columbia’s internally-developed Extranet is used on every project we undertake. The Extranet allows all members of the project team to stay connected to the project 24/7 anywhere in the world via a password-protected web-based private Cloud. Apart from streamlining the document control, RFI, submittal and construction cost process, the Extranet provides added value to Columbia’s core construction services by easily incorporating your requirements as an Owner or member of the project team. The Extranet provides information necessary to make decisions and keep the project on budget and schedule.

From pre-construction to project close-out, the Extranet provides a centralized and easily-accessible file manager component that includes built-in file sharing, revision tracking, drag-and-drop uploading, and viewing and annotation capabilities for stored files that need to be shared among all team members forgoing the need to maintain separate document storage repositories on your project.