Thank you to our colleagues who have adapted to working from home. We have developed protocols that ensure the safest working conditions for our clients, partners, and staff on our projects. Most of all, thank you to those on the frontlines who are taking risks to take care of all of us. In whatever way we can be, we’re here when you need us. We’re with you

In an industry where every day and detail counts, it's critical to find a construction partner who shares your vision, demonstrates integrity, and shows acute attention to quality. With nearly 100 years of experience in developing long-lasting client relationships, Columbia knows what's at stake and what's important to you. Our team-oriented approach to planning and addressing any challenges results in proactive solutions, exceptional outcomes, and trusted partnerships. Want to build something great together? We're with you.

Experience Counts

Columbia has a wealth of experience in constructing and renovating across many sectors including academic, corporate, healthcare, hospitality, life sciences, residential, and energy. While the knowledge we've gained brings immeasurable value to our clients, we strive to continuously improve our performance.

Technology Helps

To enhance our process, Columbia applies the latest technologies and lean practices, such as Building Information Management (BIM) and Target Value Design (TVD). This helps us identify and solve problems, control costs, achieve efficiences, and ensure predictable results.

Sustainability Matters

We're with you on conserving energy and protecting our environmnet. As an industry leader in sustainable construction practices, Columbia has unmatched experience in developing environmentally responsible and resource-efficient projects, from LEED certification to Net Zero Energy projects.

People Make the Difference

Columbia is an uncommon community of highly skilled and experienced people who love what they do and share your vision, ambition, and standards. By empowering our teams to take ownership of the job, we allow team pride to drive quality work and accountability.