Carlie LaPre

Dog Mom | Enthusiastic Alumna | Team Player

"Working at Columbia is a great experience. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive."

Carlie LaPre

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2018   

Carlie is part of the Healthcare Division at Columbia Construction Company, providing oversight to many complex projects. As a project manager, she enjoys the intricacies that come with a Healthcare project, and knows at the end of the day, the projects she works on helps others get the care they need. Those that work with Carlie find her to be cheerful (unless you want to keep bubbly) and energetic. Her positive attitude radiates, making those around her upbeat and optimistic. Growing up, Carlie wanted to be an Architect. She received her Master’s in Architecture from Wentworth and upon realizing she didn’t really enjoy the design process, she moved over to Construction and loved it!

Outside of the office, Carlie is very involved with her alma mater Wentworth. Currently, she is the Vice President of Student Engagement on the Wentworth Alumni Association Board and can often be found at many Alumni Events. Carlie enjoys spending quality time at her family’s lake house in New Hampshire. She is also a new homeowner, purchasing her first house in Framingham. She appreciates the time spent making it her own and watching her Golden Retriever enjoy the yard.