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Ted Sirakian

| Project Executive

Ted Sirakian

“Working alongside good people with a fiercely strong sense of integrity and a passion for doing things right sets Columbia apart and makes 'coming to work' not at all like coming to work.”

Joined Columbia in 2007   

Since joining Columbia in 2007, Ted as proven himself as a great builder, not only of high-end structures but also of solid relationships with clients, colleagues, and business partners. An attentive listener, Ted is known for his strong communication skills. He attributes his project successes to asking a lot of questions so he thoroughly understands the ever-changing details and nuances of his projects. As a seasoned Project Executive, with an expansive project portfolio including, corporate, advanced technology, manufacturing and residential projects, he takes great prides in solving project challenges with practical but innovative solutions.

Ted is a firm believer that it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do your best at it. Outside of the office, Ted spends his best time with his wife and son enjoying his enthusiasm for fast cars, animals and a cup of strong coffee.

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