Spotlight On... Scott Hale: Celebrating 10 Years at Columbia

April 20, 2021
Spotlight On... Scott Hale: Celebrating 10 Years at Columbia

This month we are happy to shine the spotlight on Scott Hale, one of Columbia’s Project Mangers who has been with us for ten years. 

Scott began his career over 30 years ago as an Assistant Superintendent/Field Engineer. He didn’t initially start down this career path -- it was a conversation at a college fraternity party that changed his mind. Scott ran into someone who went to Northeastern. As they talked about their co-ops, Scott worked for a company that made ticket printers, and this other individual was building high-rise buildings. He realized he couldn’t make his co-op position sound any better. After that night, Scott changed his career path to construction management.     

What have you liked most about working at Columbia? 
The people, the projects, the strong relationships with clients, and how the company is always planning for the future.

What lesson did you learn early-on in your career that you still carry with you today?  
Trust that you are being provided accurate information, but don’t be afraid to verify the information yourself. 

Most memorable job while working at Columbia? 
The Tisch Library renovation project at Tufts University was a complex, multi-AHU replacement effort completed in two phases over two summers. I thought entirely out of the box on this project by changing our standard approach. 

Initially, to cool and contain the air throughout the Library over the summer, we were going to use 30 spot coolers with poly barriers requiring us to constantly maintain drain hoses and extension cords to remove any moisture that developed, creating a tripping hazard to students and occupants. No matter how many safety measures we considered, we felt the risks were too high. As I thought about the concept further, I realized it would be more efficient to back feed the existing duct risers with a large rental AHU connected to the “house” chilled water and power system. This strategy would provide enough cool air to the building and remove the need for drain hoses and extension cords. All of the thermostats and VAVs could remain operational, so Tufts could use the entire Library over the summer.

The project went from Tufts saying that “we will deal with the barriers and summer heat” to “we didn’t even know Columbia was in the building, let alone replacing our AHUs!”  

Three descriptors that best describe you. 
Proud Husband and Father of Three | Master Ice Rink Builder and Ice Keeper | Critical Thinker 

Special talent or most useful skill? 

Favorite summer or winter activity? 
My favorite summer activity is spending time on the beach or the water with my family and friends.

Favorite vacation spot? 
I have many favorite spots – Nantucket, Captiva Island in Florida, and Biddeford Pool in Maine.

Best concert? Or favorite band? 
Violent Femmes

Two items on your desk? 
A yellow folder and a yellow folder.

Cat or dog? 
One dog and two cats.

Morning person or night owl?  
Yes, as required.

If you couldn’t tell, Scott‘s hidden talent is being a jokester. When in the office, he always puts a smile on people’s faces and makes them laugh. Outside of the office, he is likely doing the same while enjoying his time with friends and family. 

Known for his ability to identify potential problems and find solutions quickly, Scott is a true team player adding value to any project. We value his experience and appreciate his can-do attitude. Happy 10th anniversary, Scott!