Ratio Therapeutics

  • Owner:
    Ratio Therapeutics
  • Architect:
    ACTWO Architects
  • Scope:
    R&D Facility Renovation
  • Location:
    Boston, MA

Ratio, a leading provider of radiotherapeutics for the treatment of metastatic cancers, relocated their headquarters to the 6th floor of 19 Drydock Avenue. 

The space was converted from designer showrooms to a R&D facility including a reception area, offices, conference and huddle rooms, as well as a cafe. Specialized lab areas included radio chemistry suite, cell culture areas, freezer and storage space, analytical labs, and medical biochemistry space. A 2,100 SF vivarium suite containing holding, procedure, and feeding rooms with dedicated mechanical support systems was also added. Components of the renovation were completed in operating vivarium suites and careful coordination was required to avoid disruptions.