Bar Boulud at Mandarin Oriental

  • Owner:
    CWB Hotel Limited Partnership
  • Architect:
    Tihany Design & Allegro Interior Architects
  • Scope:
    New Luxury Restaurant
  • Location:
    Boston, MA

Construction of a new main restaurant and bar located on street level of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  Occupying 4,300 sf, the new Bar Boulud restaurant will seat more than 175 patrons within the large main dining room and bar area.

Special features include custom millwork throughout the space, along with a “wine crate” feature wall. The floor is a combination of stone and wood and bar with cast zinc countertop from France, accented by stretched leather panels.  The dining room was reconfigured and decorated with customized wood overhangs with new wall treatments and artwork. A custom made Charcuterie area is also centrally located in the dining room. 

The exterior of the building includes new awing’s and new storefront. Double doors open to the restaurant, providing fresh air during the spring/summer/fall months giving it a Paris Bistro feel. The bar is also equipped with sliding glass openings to provide an open feel to the outside.