Jordan Farren

World Traveler | Sports Enthusiast | Appetizer Lover

"At Columbia, everyone is friendly and full of encouragement. We take pride in what we do."

Jordan Farren

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2021

Jordan is a results-orientated Project Manager with over five years of industry experience. A graduate of University of New Hampshire with a BS in Civil Engineering, she brings a strong set of communication skills and positive relationship management experience to her projects. Responsible for client coordination and contract administration, while also overseeing schedule and design, Jordan is instrumental in solving technical and logistical issues on the jobsite. Jordan is active in professional organizations such as NAWiC, and WWIRE, among others. She takes pride in her career and in her project work, and this is best exemplified by her track record of successfully managed multi-million-dollar projects.


The oldest of four children, Jordan enjoys the hustle and bustle and noise that comes with a large family. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. An explorer at heart, she appreciates traveling to new places and discovering unique and unusual settings. In fact, she wants to explore more of the world by jumping from a plane and enjoying a skydiving freefall.