Josh Folsom

Conscientious | Industrious | Independent

"Columbia has always been defined by an unwavering commitment to give all employees the opportunity to directly influence how we all work collectively - I am happy to be able to support this process by giving people the tools that they need to change Columbia for the better."

Josh Folsom

Director of Information Systems

Joined Columbia in 2000   

As the Director of Information Systems, Josh has a knack of making complex technical concepts seem incredibly clear. Overseeing all of the IT operations and partnering with executive leadership to provide technical and business guidance, it is important to Josh to provide real value outside of what would be considered typical for an IT department. As the resident expert responsible for the operational and fiscal activities of the IT department, as well as all of the policies, standards, and practices as they relate to technology, Josh is very hands-on and plays an active role in shaping Columbia’s systems. 

Josh is a dedicated employee who enjoys his work as though it were a hobby.  When Josh does steal away from his screens and keyboard, you can find him relaxing with his family and enjoying a nice meal at a local restaurant. A self-proclaimed neat freak, Josh believes a neat office is a happy office.

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