Katie LeProhon

Animal Lover | Passionate | Loves All Things Nerdy

"I came to Columbia without a construction background, but that hasn't made anyone think less of me. Everyone is kind, helpful, and open, and I couldn't be more thankful to have them as my coworkers."

Katie LeProhon

Project Administrator

Joined Columbia in 2022   

A highly organized and motivated team player, Katie is the ideal employee to support our Healthcare sector as a Project Administrator. A graduate of Fitchburg State University, Katie diligently tracks documentation for multiple projects – from owner contracts to subcontractor insurance certificates – she works hard to keep all tasks running smoothly. A firm believer in always demonstrating a positive attitude, Katie approaches her workday with a welcoming optimism that encourages those around her to be their best self.


Katie’s absolute favorite thing to do on a day off is go to a local coffee shop, grab a latte, and draw for a couple hours on her iPad.  With a BS Degree in Game Design, she loves creating, consuming, and enjoying all art mediums. As a child she wanted to be a zoologist - traveling and researching animals in their natural habitat fascinated her. Today, she remains to be an animal and travel enthusiast, and on day she hopes to revisit Japan and Italy, and see news places like Ireland, South Korea, and Tanzania and explore their native creatures.