Kristina Banys

Creative | Honest | P90x'er

"Columbia Construction Company meets established goals by motivating and encouraging us employees to become a coordinated team focused on the destination."

Kristina Banys

Assistant Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2018

As an Assistant Project Manager at Columbia, Kristina draws on her leadership and strong organizational skills to help oversee the daily management, coordination, supervision and successful completion of projects. A graduate of the rigorous Boston Architectural College with Bachelors of Architecture, Kristina has a strong understanding of architectural principles and offers a unique perspective to our construction projects.  For Kristina, working in construction means she is helping others in their private lives through her job by creating environments that make people feel comfortable, safe, and help simplify life. A self-motivated team player, Kristina enjoys running an efficient and effective jobsite, and she is looking forward to taking full managerial responsibility for a project in the future.


Outside of the office, Kristina enjoys staying active with architectural photography and she hopes to travel around the world someday. I native of Lithuania, Kristina’s favorite quote is from Theodore Roosevelt, “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.”