Melanie Fletcher

Optimistic | Determined | Thoughtful

"I am excited to explore the opportunities at Columbia and be a part of a hard-working, fun-loving team. I value my coworkers like family, and I am excited to extend my family!"

Melanie Fletcher

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2022

As a Project Manager with over 20 years in the industry, Melanie works hard to support her clients and project teams through all phases of construction. Dependable and optimistic, Melanie relies on her leadership skills to guarantee thoroughness and accuracy on the jobsite. She enjoys sharing construction success stories that demonstrate her strong collaboration skills. Mitigating unforeseen setbacks and conditions on the jobsite to ensure aggressive project schedules are met is Melanie's specialty. Her eye for detail and her exceptional communication skills are essential to her project successes.

Melanie prioritizes balancing play time and rest time outside of work. Spending time with her family and enjoying her favorite activities - skiing, fishing, and camping is important to Melanie. Snuggle time with her puppy and naps in her hammock are also essential! She never passes up the sweet opportunity to rejuvenate with cuddles and a short siesta with her very special three-legged friend, Sugar.

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