Mike Seidenberg

Baby Wrangler | Enthusiastic | Reliable

"I am excited to reconnect with people I have met before joining Columbia and making new connections."

Mike Seidenberg

Scheduling Manager

Joined Columbia in 2021

Mike is an experienced Scheduling Manager who works closely with key team members to ensure comprehensive schedules are developed and executed around crucial project goals. Results driven and detail oriented, Mike brings experience coordinating with field staff, project executives and property owners from the institutional, residential, and commercial market sectors. Focused on incorporating scheduling best practices, Mike tracks progress and performance throughout the life of a project to identify, track and assist in the resolution of construction issues and meet important deadlines along the way. With over 11 years in the industry, Mike enjoys working closely with various teams on multiple projects and watching the individual progress of each project come together as planned.


As a graduate student studying for his MS in Construction Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Mike fondly remembers “working” with Columbia when he was bartending at the Lowes Hotel Precinct Kitchen & Bar during the hotel renovation project. Today, as a busy construction professional Mike enjoys his project work at Columbia, and he looks forward to spending his free time with his young family. He likes to unwind with a challenging boxing class to clear his mind and reenergize.