Nick Tuttle

Collaborator | Optimist | Soccer Enthusiast

"Being part of Columbia means being part of a collaborative of people who share a common goal, who are excited to build, who push each other to do better every day and who enjoy it along the way."

Nick Tuttle

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2018

Columbia’s Interiors Division welcomed Nick to the team in 2018 as an Assistant Project Manager. Advancing to a Project Manager role in 2021, he now provides integral oversight to project teams to deliver projects on schedule, and at the highest quality. With an eager to learn attitude and strong work ethic, he is an asset to both project teams and the overall office environment. Nick appreciates the successful completion of a project after all the extensive planning and hard work, and looks forward to a final space that puts a smile on the client’s face. He strives to make clients happy no matter what it takes, and is happy to be surrounded by team members with the same focus.

In his personal life, Nick prioritizes spending time with his family and friends. He enjoys cooking and trying new foods, but has yet to find anything that tops his love for tacos. His hobbies include seeing live music and supporting the English soccer team Manchester United Football Club. Nick draws inspiration from the quote, “Skills can be taught. Character, you either have or you don’t.”