Ralph DiNapoli

Family Man | Hockey Fan | Golfer

"I like the small, friendly atmosphere which makes everyone feel like they are an important part of the company."

Ralph DiNapoli

Director of Safety

Joined Columbia in 2015   

As Director of Safety at Columbia, Ralph has over two decades of hands-on construction experience and relies on his extensive knowledge and judgment to deliver enhanced safety assurance while overseeing Columbia’s proven safety management systems. He certifies that our safety procedures are implemented properly, and that we remain compliant with OSHA, city, state and federal regulations and guidelines.  Ralph is a key driver for new initiatives and integrating process safety data, applications and critical control strategies. While Ralph certainly has his hands on the day to day happenings of Columbia projects, he also has the big picture view and a wide degree of creativity and latitude to consistently exceed the safety expectations of our clients.

Whether he is on the sidelines cheering on his kids, or coaching a game, Ralph enjoys spending his free time with his family. As a college hockey player, Ralph learned a lot about being a great teammate and is truly passionate about sharing those skills with his kids. Growing up Ralph wanted to be an NHL hockey player because he believes that, “hard work out works talent when talent isn’t working hard,” fortunately the same can be applied on a construction site.