Exploratory Savings - An Opportunity to Add Value

August 4, 2020
Exploratory Savings - An Opportunity to Add Value
An Opportunity to Add Value

Due to schedule demand on equipment used for patient services, hospitals are often unable to shut spaces down before the start of demolition. Generally, exploratory investigations of existing conditions occur once demolition has begun, and the new equipment ordered. 

Dissatisfied with excessive construction delays and change orders, a local hospital teamed with Columbia to pioneer a more accurate and informative exploration of existing conditions to inform the re-design of procedure suites. Utilizing LiDAR technology, Columbia created a 3D model of the existing conditions, both above and below the ceiling, with no impact on the hospital’s daily activities.   

Key Benefits

Key benefits of this minimally invasive process include:

  •  Provided detailed existing conditions plans, sections, elevations, and 3D views, which impacted the proposed design features
  • Shared information via web providing access to any team member without having to download additional software or programs
  • Fostered earlier collaboration between the design team, construction team, hospital representative, and equipment vendor
  • Assisted with the design and layout of the structural support for new hospital equipment 
  • Identified the best placement of the new hospital equipment with regards to access and end-user maneuverability
  •  Highlighted all utility maintenance access needed during construction
  • Scanned during non-critical hours of operation designated by the hospital and before demolition with minimal Columbia staff