275 Wyman Street

  • Owner:
    Hobbs Brook Management
  • Scope:
    New 561kW Solar Array
  • Location:
    Waltham, MA

In an effort to continue to implement the sustainability initiatives for Hobbs Brook Management, Columbia Construction oversaw the PV solar array installation at their 275 Wyman Street facility in Waltham.  The PV solar electric system was installed on an existing parking structure, situated in the most efficient and effective location.

A new, long-span galvanized structural steel canopy was installed on the top level of the existing parking garage, and a steel framing system utilized to support the PV solar electrical system. The system is 561kW and is expected to generate enough electrical power for use in the adjacent office building.

The new, sloped steel and PV solar system elegantly crowns the existing parking garage, and creates a highly visible commitment to sustainability. It also provides for a covered and protected parking area at the top level of the garage for all tenants.  Electric vehicle charging stations are also available for tenant use. 

It is expected that maintenance costs will be dramatically reduced by this new covered parking area.