404 Wyman Street

  • Owner:
    Hobbs Brook Management, LLC
  • Scope:
    New PV Solar Array System
  • Location:
    Waltham, MA

Columbia Construction developed a renewable energy plan for Hobbs Brook Management’s property located at 404 Wyman Street in Waltham.  To maximize energy resources, a new PV solar electrical system will be constructed on the top-level of two existing parking garage structures at the 404 Wyman Street campus. The new solar system will generate over 815,000kWh’s of electrical power for use in the existing 404 Wyman Street building.

The design of the solar system is sloped and elegantly crowns the existing parking garage, creating a highly visible commitment to sustainability. It also covers and protects the top-level parking area, which is expected to reduce maintenance costs dramatically. Electric vehicle charging stations will also be installed and available for tenant use.