Bob Haynes

Strong Communicator | Outdoor Enthusiast | Dog Person

"The Columbia Team is a hard-working, team-building, fun group that is always learning; and they enjoy what they do."

Bob Haynes

Senior Superintendent

Joined Columbia in 2018

With nearly 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Bob brings a well-rounded perspective and impressive wealth of knowledge to his role as Senior Superintendent. His previous experience working in project management as well as preconstruction contribute to the big-picture perspective with which he approaches projects. Bob adeptly manages and supervises the daily construction activities of complex projects – his favorite aspect of his role is working with and coordinating subcontractors - and he enjoys overcoming sequencing challenges. His strong communication skills allow him to effectively collaborate with owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors to both ensure that projects run smoothly and build lasting relationships.

When not on the job, Bob loves spending time with family, whether on Cape Cod or on trips to California. He stays very active by hiking, skiing, swimming and playing softball. Bob also loves dogs and enjoys training them and incorporating them into his active lifestyle by taking them on trail walks. Golf is also an important aspect of Bob’s life – he says it never gets old and he enjoys the social aspect as much as the game! He has played courses in Arizona, California, Florida and South Carolina, and would love to expand that list even further.