Carly Hayden

Hardworking | Athlete | Proud Mother

"Working with people that are passionate about what they do, makes it easier to push through the day to get what needs to be done, finished."

Carly Hayden

Senior Safety Manager

Joined Columbia in 2015   

As a Senior Safety Manager at Columbia, Carly is known for her keen attention to detail to actively support the onsite safety of all Columbia projects. For Carly, every day and every job is different but, her goal is always the same, to guarantee our safety procedures are implemented properly, and that the project team remains compliant with OSHA, as well as city, state and federal regulations and guidelines. A graduate of Keene State College with a BS in Safety Studies, Carly relies on her people orientated work style to collaborate with the project team to develop and execute the overall safety plan in accordance with the project requirements.

Carly is active out of the office as she is during her work day. A past All-American field hockey player, Carly enjoys anything sports related. A lover of photography, she enjoys spontaneously grabbing her camera, hopping in the car and searches out a great destination to start snapping pictures. Carly hopes to one-day travel to Ireland and Scotland and explore her family ancestry.