Casey Kingsbury

Witty | Loving Mom | Confident

"I can see the passion every employee has for their job. Columbia is a fun and dynamic place to work."

Casey Kingsbury

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2021

Casey is an experienced construction professional with a MS in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin, as well as BS from the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management. Her firsthand knowledge, coupled with her advanced schooling, make Casey a skilled and effective Project Manager. In her capacity, Casey cultivates and maintains a high level of client satisfaction while managing the procurement process and all financial aspects of a project. Casey believes the best part of the construction industry is the people. She knows it takes hard working, dedicated individuals to succeed in the fast paced and ever-changing industry and she thrives in the exciting and challenging setting.


A proud boy mom, Casey is committed to instilling a love of nature in her two young sons. Her weekend to-do list consists of walks, hikes, bike rides, and picnics with her young family. In her downtime, Casey and her husband also enjoy visits to local breweries and to sample new IPAs. A true crime fanatic, she listens to many podcasts and appreciates that victims’ voices are heard and their fascinating stories are shared with the public. A traditionalist at heart, Casey could never give up pizza Friday with her boys. A ritual in her house growing up, she still loves to end her week with a delicious pizza pie.