Corey Logan

Hard Worker | Compassionate | Lifelong Learner

"At Columbia I am surrounded by individuals who push me to do my best while supporting me so that I can go beyond what I am capable of alone, this environment enables an atmosphere of trust and caring even if I made a mistake"

Corey Logan

Assistant Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2023

Corey started his career at Columbia as a Co-op working with the Science + Technology group. Now, a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Management Engineering, he is a valued member of the Project Management Team. Known for his advanced analysis and computer skills, Corey enjoys collaborating with team members to couple engineering and logistics to create exceptional spaces for clients. As an Assistant Project Manager, he assists with the planning, organization, and administration of the day-to-day operations of a project, as well as coordinates submittals and RFI’s, and contract items. 

An adventurer at heart, in his free time Corey enjoys downhill mountain biking, trail riding, cliff jumping, and snowboarding. Everyone likes a good belly laugh from time to time, but for Corey laughing is key to a happy life. It would be impossible for him to give up the healing power of a good chuckle.