Emily Clark

Organization Lover | Ina Enthusiast | Dedicated Mama

"The energy and comradery you feel when walking into the office is unmatched. I instantly feel at home and energized by all my new teammates."

Emily Clark

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2023

Emily brings a wealth of diverse project experience from over 10 years in the construction industry. Known for delivering exceptional work to satisfied clients, her detailed approach with an eye towards the big picture produces consistent results. As a Project Manager she works hard to properly identify and define the scope of a project and convey the client’s goals to the entire team to ensure project successes. A dedicated team member, Emily values witnessing the fruits of the team's labor materialize into success and she appreciates the opportunity to showcase the beautiful spaces she helps create.

Outside of the office, Emily loves cooking, relishing the process of sourcing the finest ingredients, crafting menus, and selecting the perfect wine or cocktail to elevate a meal into something truly special.  Additionally, she finds joy in outdoor activities like running, hiking, and spending time at the beach with her family. She is counting down the days until her kids are old enough to be enthusiastic travel companions.