James Wrisley

Proud Father (of 3) | Builder | Mentor

"Columbia is a company with a culture of hard-working industry professionals that work just as hard to maintain an enviable company culture. Columbia's culture will continue to raise the bar in all we do and I'm proud to be on the Team."

James Wrisley

Project Executive | Science + Technology

Joined Columbia in 2022

With nearly 25 years of experience, James oversees all aspects of project execution, from planning and development through implementation and project closeout. He fosters a collaborative team approach, provides a high level of client focus, and drives for quality and continuous improvement. James brings a client-oriented mindset to his projects, and he strives to create interpersonal synergy between all team members to effectively manage and foster jobsite relationships.


Equally motivated at home, James is a self-proclaimed house renovation junkie. He has never seen a room that he couldn’t make a little bit better with a DIY project. A passionate grill enthusiast, he enjoys barbecuing for his family and their dog, Waffles. James also enjoys the outdoors, from family camping trips to sailing races, he enjoys being active and engaged. One day he hopes to sail from New England to Bermuda.