Jim O'Connell

Sports Enthusiast | Nerdy | Dog Lover

"I am part of a team that goes the extra mile to make Columbia astounding for our clients."

Jim O'Connell

Senior Systems Administrator

Joined Columbia in 2003   

Jim, being one of Columbia’s IT team members, works efficiently and effectively to take any technical issues off the mind of fellow Columbia employees and repair any failing equipment as soon as he can.  Jim is a true believer in helping others. When a fellow employee comes to him with a technical question, he loves doing all he can to offer a solution and help fix the issue.  Being a reliable and approachable person, it is easy for Columbia employees to rely on Jim. You can find Jim at his desk headphones on, surround by technology, ready for any challenge that comes his way.  

When he is not helping his fellow employees, Jim is watching sports. He is a diehard Patriots fan and never misses a football game.  Jim loves to travel and he recently spent time in Ireland. He can’t wait to visit the Vatican one day, and cross that trip off of his bucket list.