Judy Delorey

Friendly | Travel Enthusiast | Hardworking

"Throughout my career at Columbia, I have been able to collaborate with colleagues in the support of a diverse range of projects while contributing to the success of this family-oriented company."

Judy Delorey

Project Administrator

Joined Columbia in 1999   

A Project Administrator at Columbia for nearly 20 years, Judy supports multiple disciplines in the Operations Division of Columbia. Her colleagues can always count on her for a good laugh or to offer supportive and encouraging advice. She is a  recipient of the Sam Lilly Founder’s Award for Construction Excellence. For Judy, working in a friendly and flexible atmosphere, is an important part of her job at Columbia. Her strong multitasking skills allows her to keep up with the fast paced project management environment, while she continues to learn about the ever changing construction industry and perfects her skills.

Spending time with family and friends, occasional trip to Foxwoods, and traveling are activities you can find Judy doing when not in the office. A vacation to Italy is a must-do on her bucket list. The many friendships she has made over the years is a gift that is impossible for Judy to give up.