Mark Charles

Family Man | Car Enthusiast | Traveler

" Columbia is a family-oriented company that's wants to see their people succeed and grow with them."

Mark Charles

Warehouse Assistant

Joined Columbia in 2022

Mark joined the Columbia team in 2022 to help supervise and coordinate all warehouse logistics.  With over 20 years of planning, monitoring inventory control, and equipment research experience, Mark focuses on supplying jobsites with the necessary tools to ensure all project goals are met. A team player known for his supportive and positive approach, Mark appreciates focusing on specific project needs to ensure jobsites run smoothly and efficiently.


Outside of work, Mark’s favorite place to unwind is sitting by his firepit listening to his favorite music. A family man and car enthusiast, he enjoys traveling and hopes to one day drive Route 66 and take in some of the most famous roads in the United States. One sweet treat Mark could never live without is the chewy, fruit flavored and oh so delicious Swedish Fish candy.