Melissa Narva

Family Oriented | Quilt Maker | Process Lover

Melissa Narva

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2022

Melissa brings nearly 20 years of experience to our Project Management team. Highly organized and equipped with the skills to manage many complex tasks, Melissa is a strong leader. She has guided many successful teams throughout her career, and she has experience working on a number of projects of varying size and complexity in the academic and commercial market sectors. As a Project Manager, her role is to properly identify and define the scope of a project and convey the client’s goals to the entire team to ensure project success.  

Outside of the office, Melissa enjoys family adventure days with her husband and son. Awakening her creative side, she also enjoys knitting and quilting. Focusing on a challenging pattern or design that results in a beautiful handmade piece is rewarding for Melissa.