Mira Teneva

Curious | Intuitive | Energetic

"Columbia feels like home, friendly, yet hardworking and up for the challenge. I feel inspired to work with so many talented people and bring the coordination process to the next level."

Mira Teneva

Virtual Planning and Construction Coordinator

Joined Columbia in 2023   

Mira seamlessly integrated into our Virtual Construction Services team in 2023 as a VPC Coordinator. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Technologies, her passion lies in tackling complex projects within the construction industry. She thrives on the challenge of coordinating various aspects of MEP services to expertly collaborate among subcontractors to ensure successful field execution. Her enthusiasm also extends to 3D modeling and client presentations, where she pushes boundaries to deliver engaging work. Mira feels at home on a job site - observing, recording, and utilizing 3D systems to support our field staff.

Outside of work, Mira is all about spending quality time with family and friends. An avid walker, she enjoys exploring a city or spending a day in nature - she appreciates a good adventure. Also, an accomplished runner, she holds medals from competing in 100-meter dashes. An artist and painter, she draws inspiration from her travels to create unique pieces.