Morgan Gardner

Driven | Creative | Competitive Outdoorsmen

"Everyone at Columbia genuinely seems happy to be working together towards a common goal. Seeing that has been contagious and makes coming in to work so much more enjoyable."

Morgan Gardner

Preconstruction Manager

Joined Columbia in 2017   

As a Preconstruction Manager at Columbia, Morgan works closely with both Preconstruction and Operations in planning, logistics, procurement, and coordination of project deliverables. For Morgan the most enjoyable part of his job is working with others in overcoming challenges and helping to bring an idea from a sheet of paper into a real, solid, built environment. Morgan’s desire to “dig in” and understand the intricate components of construction is crucial to the development of estimates for complex projects. Morgan believes estimating is critical to the success of any construction company, and at Columbia he strives to build strong relationships with both client and subcontractor to minimize risk and maximize project success. He is continually learning and shaping his skills and is eager to take on any challenge or task.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Morgan is a huge fan of the Browns and Guardians. An avid baseball player, Morgan was a pitcher on the Wentworth Institute of Technology Men’s Baseball Team in college and has since played in various competitive amateur leagues in the Boston area. No longer devoting time to baseball, hobbies such as hiking, camping, cycling, golf, and adventure style vacations have been keeping him busy. He and his wife Lauren love traveling, most recently visiting the Big Island of Hawaii. They are looking for their next great adventure and are always open to any suggestions!