Radhika Ranade

Ambitious | Reliable | Sincere

"I am contented and proud to be a part of Columbia family where the work system is very professional, but people have traditional values, which helps one to bond with colleagues to make working a great success. A place where everyone cares about their work, helps to grow and treats everyone like family. Working in a friendly and flexible atmosphere, each day's new challenge is accomplished successfully."

Radhika Ranade

Project Administrator

Joined Columbia in 2020

Personable and extremely dependable, Radhika joined Columbia in 2020 as an experienced Project Administrator. Proud of her long family history of successful business ventures, Radhika believes she inherited her unmatched time management, organizational, and communication skills from her father. Fortunately for her project teams, she utilizes these skills to expertly execute contracts, maintain subcontractor insurance requirements, and flawlessly organize job folders and electronic files. Her number one priority is to maintain the administrative integrity of a job from day one to the close out period and ensure a smooth and hassle-free working environment.


Enjoying a joint family of 52 people, Radhika understands the meaning of keeping business outside of the office. With a combined passion for gardening and nature photography, Radhika enjoys spending time outdoors exploring landscapes and wildlife. With a long list of hobbies, Radhika cultivates her creative side through cooking, singing, jewelry making, enjoying discourses of Sadhguru Jagadish, and reading spiritual books. She is also in the process of completing aroma therapy certification, as well as tarot reading.