Ramya Nikhitha Velagala

Animal Lover | Hodophile | Hard Worker

"I love how everybody at Columbia makes their co-workers feel comfortable and happy. The work environment is flexible, and I feel happy and content at the end of the day."

Ramya Nikhitha Velagala

Assistant Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2021

Motivated and hardworking, Ramya joined Columbia in 2021 as an Assistant Project Manager after completing a successful Co-op while studying for her MS in Construction Project Management at Northeastern University. In her role, she works hard to establish and maintain excellent rapport with all Project Team members to deliver projects within the specified timeframe and budget and to align resources and project execution with the objectives of the client. For Ramya the most satisfying part of her career in construction is seeing people flourish in the structures she helped to build.


Thoughtful and big hearted, Ramya enjoys spending time with her friends and family outside of work. She finds the best way to invest in herself and in her self-care is to travel and explore new places, foods, and shopping sites. Her goal is to visit as many beaches and mountains as she can in her lifetime. A pet lover, Ramya could never give up the unconditional affection and companionship of animals.