Steve Jeter, EIT

Financially Responsible | Avid Skier | Lifelong Learner

"New construction is exciting. My goal at Columbia is to make that excitement last a lifetime through the attention to detail left behind in every project."

Steve Jeter, EIT

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2014   

With over ten years of construction experience and a BS from University of Massachusetts, Steve handles the day-to-day management of projects. He is insightful with regards to submittals, RFI’s, bulletins, and schedules. For Steve, each project he undertakes is special and he enjoys working with the project goals and timeline to employ a unique approach for a successful completion. The construction industry is dynamic and each day comes with new experiences for Steve. Communication is key and Steve has the distinct ability to connect with his team and adapt to any kind of situation. Steve is known for brightening up a work setting with his smile and happy demeanor.  

Away from his desk you can find Steve enjoying the outdoors. From camping, to playing pond hockey, to lounging on the beach, Steve is up for anything in the sun, snow, or on the water. Family time outside of work is also important to Steve. Spending quality time with his two boys and his wife rejuvenates him for the busy work week. Steve could never live without the changes in seasons. Each season brings new excitement of activities and comfort.