Tommy O'Connell

Extroverted | Conversationalist | Contemplative

"Columbia is characterized by its extremely diligent and talented employees, but that is only trumped by the quality of character each of my coworkers possess. I am ecstatic to be part of this group of people and look forward to learning more about each person and the knowledge they can impart on me as a person and an employee."

Tommy O'Connell

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2019   

Tom joined Columbia in 2019 as a Project Manager; a role that fits well with his outgoing personality and problem-solving skills. On a daily basis he interfaces with clients, design teams, and subcontractors to successfully build both projects and relationships. For Tom, the best part about his job is the fast pace and constant learning opportunities. His past experience with ground-up building, power construction, civil engineering, and land surveying gives him a depth of knowledge and unique perspective that he brings to each project he is a part of. Above all else, Tom focuses on bringing the project team together to get the job done.

Tom is extremely passionate about and interested in nature. He is an amateur botanist, bird watcher, and bee keeper – he even makes his own honey! He is a strong believer in composting and dreams of one day moving to the mountains and living off of the land. (That may be too extreme of a change after growing up in Worcester, though!) Tom is also an athlete who loves to golf, snowboard, and play basketball and baseball. He enjoys both the athleticism and comradery that sports bring.