Tristin Lelievre

Adventurous | Creative | Ambitious

"Working at Columbia gives me the opportunity to surround myself with others that have a passion for the construction industry. The people of Columbia make going to work enjoyable in this challenging industry because of the encouraging atmosphere, determination, and communication between one another."

Tristin Lelievre

Area Superintendent

Joined Columbia in 2021

Tristin joined as an Assistant Superintendent in 2021 after completing two successful internships as a Field Engineer with Columbia while he was attending Fitchburg State University. Highly motivated and reliable, Tristin was promoted to Area Superintendent. Tristan thrives in the fast-paced environment of a jobsite and is known as an expert on structural steel, concrete, masonry, stonework, roofing, copper cladding, and curtainwall work. For him, watching a project progress day-by-day into an amazing structure is the most fulfilling part of his work on site.


Always on the move, Tristin enjoys taking long rides on his motorcycle outside of work. An outdoor enthusiast he enjoys snowboarding and camping in his free time. An adventure seeker, Tristin is eager to experience skydiving. Free falling through the air before opening a parachute to land safely is a thrill Tristin wants to check from his “life adventures” bucket list.

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