Vrajesh Patel

Goal Oriented | Hard Worker | Animal Lover

"Working is only fun when you are enjoying it and at Columbia there's never a day that isn't filled with something challenging and exciting. It's also great to know you are part of a family rather than an employee."

Vrajesh Patel

Project Manager

Joined Columbia in 2019   

As a Project Manager at Columbia, Vrajesh is responsible for supporting the day to day operations of a project. A graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology with a Masters in Architecture and a minor in Civil  Engineering, Vrajesh has a strong understanding of architectural principles and he brings a distinct analytical skillset to our Project Management Team. As a Corporate sector team member, Vrajesh has worked for many long-term, repeat clients. Passionate about his career, he is respectful, dedicated, and trustworthy, with continuous focus on the client’s needs and delivering exceptional results. For Vrajesh, it is the precision and thoroughness of how buildings are constructed that inspires him to be a well-rounded team player with a clear focus on keeping his projects moving on time and on budget. 

Outside of the jobsite, you can find Vrajesh enjoying two of his other great passions - photography and going on adventures. Capturing special moments of his life while exploring new sites and seeing what the world has to offer brings him joy. A dog lover, Vrajesh hopes to one day be a proud owner of a Husky, Pitbull, Rottweiler and a German shepherd. The three most imprortant things Vrajesh can’t picture life without are his supportive friends, family, and Carvel ice cream cake!