Columbia Supports Massachusetts Legislation to Grow Our Clean Energy Economy

July 12, 2022
Columbia Supports Massachusetts Legislation to Grow Our Clean Energy Economy

In continued support of our Contractor’s Commitment to Sustainable Building Practices, Columbia is publicly supporting legislation for carbon reduction policies on local, state, and national levels. As a member of the Massachusetts business and institutional community with significant operations in the Commonwealth, we enthusiastically support Massachusetts legislation that addresses climate goals and grows our clean energy economy. For Massachusetts to lead, policy support to decarbonize our buildings, transportation, and power sectors is required, and will build a thriving, local clean energy economy.


The Massachusetts 2050 Next Generation Roadmap set the stage for the Commonwealth to achieve its net-zero emissions goal by 2050. Investors and companies in Massachusetts advocated in support of this legislation because they recognize the necessity of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050—and the need for detailed plans and policies to reach that goal.   


  • Decarbonize our buildings: Most buildings that will be standing in 2050 have already been built, so we need to ensure new buildings are net-zero and accelerate our efforts to retrofit existing buildings.
  • Invest in green transportation infrastructure: We need to clean up our transportation system by incentivizing electric vehicles, electrifying public transit, and investing in charging infrastructure. 
  • Prioritize equity and justice: We must invest in improving the air quality of communities that have suffered the burden of pollution and ensure marginalized communities are included as we build a thriving, well-paying clean energy industry.  
  • Expand the clean energy economy: Growing the offshore wind industry, along with energy storage and transmission, will reduce emissions, create jobs, and insulate us from volatile fossil fuels markets.  

"As a leading Massachusetts construction management firm, Columbia knows that reducing energy waste and eliminating carbon emissions from our buildings and transportation is vital to the Commonwealth's climate goals.” said Conor McGuire, Director of Sustainability at Columbia. “As the House and Senate finalize a climate deal that moves the Commonwealth forward, negotiators must include Massachusetts’ buildings as a key part of the transition to a clean and sustainable economy."


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