Spotlight On... Columbia's Annual Ski Trip

March 22, 2017
Spotlight On... Columbia's Annual Ski Trip

Over 50 employees arrived outside of Columbia’s office building by 7 AM on Friday, but never went in. Instead, they boarded buses and headed up to Waterville Valley, New Hampshire for Columbia’s annual ski trip! In a tradition beginning in 2006, employees are given the opportunity to skip work for a day and hit the slopes together for some skiing, snowboarding, food and fun. The trip is inclusive to all levels of winter sports expertise – rentals and lessons are provided if needed, and everyone is welcome to just hang out in Columbia’s section of the lodge if they’d prefer to skip the snow. As in years past, Accounting Manager Roberta Verville took on the daunting amount of planning required to make a trip like this run smoothly. Once again, she pulled it off without a hitch! Everyone truly appreciates her hard work going above and beyond to ensure that we have a good time and enjoy ourselves, as well as Columbia’s generosity. 

Peaks of the Day

When polled on what the best part of the day was for them, several attendees responded as follows:

Sarah Neff: “I liked it all! Especially hanging out and relaxing with everyone.”

Dave Stodden: “The skiing was unbelievable and it was really fun to hang out with people I don’t usually get the chance to.”

Liz Martel: “The best part was the team building and getting to know everyone on a personal level.”

Neal Swain: “It’s the one time that I ski a year, so it’s fun to go out and try something unfamiliar with people who are familiar with it.”

Shaun Lover: “I had a great time watching and participating in the games we played after lunch.”

Jessica Chasse: “The carrot cake was amazing.”

Mike Bittelari: “The lodge was really nice, it was great to have a bar, TVs and access to the private sky box.”

Gina Iannetti: “The best part was dropping all of my work for the day and spending time with coworkers in a more relaxed environment. I also loved the Columbia gloves we got – they’re so cute!”

Conor McGuire: “The snowstorm a few days before made the conditions amazing…the arm wrestling competition was also a highlight.”

Amanda Conti: “My highlight was learning how to ski for the 2nd time and only falling once!”

Mike Ausevich: “Spending quality time with friends and making memories with new friends was great. The food was fantastic – gave me the energy I needed for all the activities of the day!”

Kirsten Papagni: “I really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people. We’ve had several new hires lately and it was great to get the chance to get to know them outside of the office.”

Shawn Gallant: “I outlasted everyone else on the slopes (well, with Tyler and Scott), the conditions were great and there were no injuries! Also the ribs were really good.”

Brittany Boilard: “The weather conditions were by far the best of the season!”

Manny Venuti: “The Valley Run trail is awesome – that’s where I learned how to ski!”

Theresa McGillivray: “The best part for me was playing a really fun St Patrick’s Day game – and winning!”

Melissa Rivera: “I enjoyed just hanging out and socializing.”

Tony Craveiro: “It was my first ski trip with Columbia, and I enjoyed just relaxing and being at ease with my coworkers.”

Kathy Carlotti: “The sun and the snow were excellent, but I really enjoyed watching the games after.”

Tyler Abreau: “My favorite part of the Columbia ski trip was when the reigning champs known as “Team Shamwow” mopped the floor with the other team.  Although there was some talent on the other side of the table, we felt that we were in prime position to take home the championship based on our team’s dedication.  Team Shamwow persevered through some questionable tactics and tampering by the other team. Throughout all this, team Shamwow showed incredible restraint and was able to take home the win.”

Gena Fullerton: “The best part was hanging out with people I don’t usually get to see much in the office.”

Matt Chardavoyne: “It’s great to have an opportunity to get out of the office and get to know some new employees. The best part is watching everyone laugh and enjoy each other.”