Spotlight On... Our People

February 8, 2017   |   Author: Meghan O'Connor
Spotlight On... Our People

At Columbia, we realize that our people are the most valuable asset we bring to every project. Each member of our staff brings a different perspective, skill set, and personality to our team that enhances both project success and the office atmosphere. So, we decided to share them with the rest of the world! We are excited to debut the new section of our website, made up of profiles on each and every team member. We hope that this gives you the opportunity to meet all of the dynamic personalities that make up the Columbia community, and learn a little bit about them both professionally and personally. Check them out!


Happy Work Anniversary!

Going forward, each employee's anniversary of joining Columbia will be an opportunity for their profile to be featured on our social media platforms - so look forward to seeing that on your newsfeeds soon! But first, let's catch up on the anniversaries that have already gone by this year:

January 2    Josh Dretchen
January 7    Tony Craveiro
January 7    Jim Nagle
January 16  Manny Venuti
January 26  Gena Fullerton
February 1   Joe Soricelli
February 3   Mike Ausevich
February 8   Rosemary Duffy