Spotlight On... Scott Rossi: Celebrating 15 Years at Columbia

August 9, 2021
Spotlight On... Scott Rossi: Celebrating 15 Years at Columbia

Scott has always been drawn to building and construction. Growing up, his parents built an addition onto their house. Every day Scott would come home from school and be fascinated by the work, wondering what progress the workers had made throughout the day. His grandfather, uncle, and cousin also worked for Boston Edison. He would constantly listen to their stories, drawing him to the industry even more. Now, as Scott celebrates 15 years with Columbia, he is fully immersed in construction -- managing some of Columbia’s larger and more complex jobs.    

What was your first job?
My first job at Columbia was the renovation of the Longyear Manor located at the historic Fisher Hill property in Brookline, MA, with Shawn Gallant as my mentor. We renovated the 40,000 square foot mansion into luxury condominiums. All of the units have 14-foot ceilings, grand hallways, fireplaces, and private terraces. It was quite the project, trying to preserve the unique characteristics of the historic property while creating modern-day residences.

What have you liked most about working at Columbia? 
Hands down, the people - it’s my second family. I have life-long friendships with so many people at Columbia that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Most memorable job while working at Columbia?
The most memorable project I worked on was for the GSA, modernizing the IRS Service Center in Andover, MA. Working on such a large project with so many great people at Columbia truly made me feel like part of a team. 

Another great memory was when I attended an open house for the recently completed corporate campus for Cambridge Savings Bank in Waltham, MA. During that event, an employee from the bank came over to me and said, “Thank you for creating such a great space. It’s my second home.”  Having happy clients at the end of a project is very rewarding.

Three descriptors that best describe you?
Proud Dad | Soccer Enthusiast | Hard-working

Favorite summer or winter activity?
My favorite summer activity is hanging out at the pool or beach. In the winter, I enjoy skiing with my family in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Favorite vacation spot?
Ocean Park, Maine, is my happy place.

Favorite band?
Dave Mathews Band

Cat or dog? 
Dog for sure. We have a Boston Terrier at home named Gizmo. He’s the best dog ever. He snores too much, but we love him.

When Scott isn’t in the office, you will find him enjoying his time outdoors, skiing in the winter, and hanging out at the beach in the summer. He is an avid soccer player and for years has been involved in a local men’s soccer league. A true team player, Scott has shown his support to so many people. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication, Scott!