Spotlight On... Welcoming Four Aboard

April 13, 2017
Spotlight On... Welcoming Four Aboard

Columbia recently welcomed four new additions to our team! Each individual has smoothly transitioned into the Columbia family, bringing with them their unique skill sets and personalities. We have been lucky enough to get to know them, so we wanted to give you the same opportunity.


Katy Tassmer | Managing Director of Marketing

Katy is bringing her invaluable skills and experience to Columbia's Marketing Department as Managing Director of Marketing. She will guide and oversee the department's initiatives and manage all of the moving parts required for success! To learn more about Katy, click here.

Cade Keyes | Project Superintendent

As a Superintendent, Cade will bring his wide range of construction knowledge and experience to his projects, as well as a positive attitude. We are certain that he will fit in well with Columbia's crew of top notch superintendents! To learn more about Cade, click here.

Ed Hook | Safety Manager

Ed will be ensuring that Columbia's new project with Siemens Healthcare will be extremely safe. He will be communicating the safety guidelines and expectations on the project - we can all rest assured knowing that safety protocols will be followed under his direction! To learn more about Ed, click here.

Ariana Marconnot | Project Administrator

As Project Administrator, Ariana will be keeping the Interiors Division running smoothly. She will take on the challenge of managing documentation for the multitude of projects that run simultaneously - and she has proven that she is up for the challenge! To learn more about Ariana, click here.

Welcome to Columbia, we are glad to have all of you!!